Monday, November 26, 2012

My baby finished her kindy orientation last week. Someone hold me.

We had our final session of kindy orientation for Amelia last Thursday.

I know, right?

My baby. Kindy. Does not compute.

But yeah, it's happening.

Up until the first session last month, I was an absolute bundle of nerves. The world can be such a sucky place and sending your child off to school is like the first step of sending them out into the big, bad world. Nerves were a'jingling.

My baby, on the other hand, has been bursting with excitement for as long as I can about going to 'big school'.

When the initial orientation finally rolled around the other day, she skipped ahead of me the entire walk down to the school.

I watched her and I had to do a double take - I'm pretty sure that child was only learning to walk around my lounge room in that adorable bow legged, big nappy clad booty. drunken swagger that all babies do. Such a cliche, but how the hell can she be off to school already?

Any kind of reservations I had about Madam at school has faded away over these past couple of sessions. She isn't the type of kid to cling to my side (I can forsee us hitting 'oh mum, you're so uncool' stage in a few short years) but this was just a joke - Like, she immediately took off as soon as we entered the classroom, making a beeline for the colouring in station set up in the corner of the room.

Last week's session was even worse because the kidlets stayed in the classroom and the parents got to hang out in the hall, listening about school programs and Dollarmite accounts and the importance of a healthy breakfast. My boobs decided to distract me during the boring parts by triggering letdowns and spraying breastmilk through 3 layers of clothing. Fabulous.

Interestingly enough, one of the final points the teachers (teachers love powerpoint, don't they?) made was this:

I can promise you every point is in the bag, kindy teachers, except for that last one. Bets off for the holding back of tears. Oh yeah, the bets are off.

We have our preschool graduation spectacular this weekend too. All bets are off for the holding back of tears at that one too ...


  1. Oh Holly! My job is to comfort anxious parents as much as it is to reassure children on their first days at school! It is a good sign that Amelia is looking at this in excitement! And I know how easy it is for me as a teacher to also say 'Hold back the tears' but I can assure you I'll be writing a post like this come to the end of next year when my baby prepapres to go off to BIG SCHOOL :)

    Sophie xo

  2. Aww bless you Holly - screw what the teachers say, you cry if you want to,

  3. Awwww.
    Right with you on this one, Holly.
    Holding the tissues.
    Oh help us!!
    :-) x

  4. I've been through this twice this year! First Lil started 'big' school in February in Sydney and then because of the school system in Dubai, Goose started in September. I must admit I feel a little robbed, but it's all been good.
    I had one that was like Amelia and confidently went off on her own and another who clung and cried. Believe me, the non-clinger is what you want, because it's heartbreaking otherwise.

    Enjoy these next 6 or 7 weeks before school uniforms, readers and lunches take over your life! You've done good mama. x

  5. Good luck with the no tears! 3 year old Miss O started pre school here in September and whilst I shed a tear, she was so excited. Unfortunately we have had a bully issue (I blogged about it today) but it has not dampened her spirit. She still loves school and I still hate dropping her off!

  6. I have almost 2 years under my belt and you don't miss them any less.

  7. I will be balling with you too hun. My oldest had to be peeled off me and there were tears from both of us. The middle one - meh, he was more interested in what I packed for lunch. My youngest is sooo excited and I am so not ready to let him go. There will be no tears from him, but me - someone build me an ark! xx


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