Oh so it’s ok for you to wear denim undies and flash your gunt in public, but I need to be discreet when I breastfeed my baby? Righto then.

Hey Bribie Island Pools and Kochie and all you other uptight wallies out there,

Well done for managing to piss off thousands of women across Australia this week for your outdated and blantantly fucking ignorant attitude towards breastfeeding.

I’m not quite sure exactly why in 2013, anyone anywhere is taking offence to seeing a mother breastfeeding her baby? Or why people feel the need to throw words like “private” and “discreet” around when discussing anyone’s eating habits? Especially since Australian mothers have the legal right to breastfeed without discrimination (ie: wherever, whenever) under the Sex Discrimination Act, 2002. Whatever.

Like practically every mother in the world, my number one priority is my children. When they are hungry, I feed them. It’s my job. Not hard to fathom, right?

That aside, I was raised to be a courteous person, and I am conscious of those around me. You may not care to see a flash of my breast, or see my baby nursing. I accept, and respect that by taking measures to ensure my boob isn’t hanging out, or that I’m not spraying breast milk around. In return, I expect you to be courteous of the fact that my baby is hungry, and that she has a right to be fed on her terms, and not yours.

But since we’re on the topic of being discreet and modest and all that, I just need to reinforce that while girls walk around EVERYWHERE in outfits like these:

While folks go to the beach and do this:

While people continue to bend over and flash these ones:

and while society continues to worship the likes of people like these:

I’m going to keep doing this wherever and whenever my baby needs:

Because at least when I flash a bit of flesh, it’s not intentional and it’s done for a damn good reason.


A breastfeeding mother.