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The Soup Diet Recipe

According to several health experts, a soup diet is one of that many breakthrough diets that have been around for many decades now. An instance of such a diet is a cabThe Soup Diet Recipe cabage soup diet that according to a authors should be taken on a daily basement together with other foods. This way, partakers can design to remove adult to 10 pounds a week. Sticking to these diets for some-more than 7 days can lead to critical health complications. Did You Know Lady Gaga’s Secret Diet And Rihanna’s Real Diet Plan both compose a huge amount of Soup

Cabbage Soup Recipe


• 6 immature onions

• 2 immature peppers

• 2 cans of diced tomatoes

• 1 garland of celery

• 1 can of V-8 extract (optional)

• 1 decorate of dry onion soup mix

• I vast cabbage

• 1 bouillon cube


Chop adult a vegetables into smaller pieces and put them in a sincerely vast pot. Add in H2O and V-8 extract and leave a reduction to boil and afterwards revoke a feverishness to let it cook for thirty mins or so.

Day 1

Partakers of a cabbage soup diet can eat all a fruits they enterprise incompatible bananas. Also, they can eat all a soup they enterprise together with cranberry juice, unsweetened teas and water.

Day 2

The second day of this diet involves immoderate lots of uninformed vegetables, baked or raw. Beans should be avoided together with corn and peas. The cabbage soup should also be taken together with a vegetables. One is authorised to have a baked potato and a small butter for dinner.

Day 3

At a third day, one is authorised all a fruits and vegetables they wish together with a soup. However, a baked potato should be avoided on this day.

Day 4

The fourth day of this diet allows partakers to take adult to 8 bananas even as they continue to take a soup. Skim divert is also authorised in abundance.

Day 5

10-20 ounces of beef are authorised on this day together with 6 uninformed tomatoes during a maximum. Soup is also advocated for during slightest once during this day. To flush out a uric poison in a body, 6-8 eyeglasses of H2O should be taken via a day.

Day 6

This day also allows for as most beef and vegetables as one can devour with a soup being taken during slightest once. The baked potato should be avoided on this day.

Day 7

Day 7 of a soup diet allows for as most vegetables, unsweetened fruit extract and brownish-red rice as a partaker wishes to take. Soup should also be taken on this day during slightest once.