Good Golly Miss Holly! is one of  those  blogs. You know, a mummy blog that boasts a bevy of tales that may or may not turn you off having babies of your own. 

I'm Holly. 

My claim to fame is that I've been corrupting the 'mummy blogger' label with awesome inappropriateness since '09 through the use of colourful language and penis jokes.

I wrangle 2.5 3 young babes by day, violate the internet by night and have never quite gotten over the heartbreak of learning that George Michael is gay.

When I'm not counting down the minutes until bedtime or trying to get stuff done with a baby swinging off my boob, I'm hoping that this highly inappropriate blog will secure me a movie deal so I never have to pour another beer at the pub again!

Oh, and sometimes I say fuck. Ok, I say fuck alot.

Want to know more? Then hop over here and then here.


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