I am all about transparency so here is my disclosure to you.

I do not do one-ad-fits-all blog advertising.

Therefore, it is very rare you will see a sponsored post here on GGMH.

If you do however, it will be noted at the beginning of the piece and not after. Totally understand that not everyone wants to read sponsored stuff and having to get to the end of a piece before finding out the blogger's been contracted to write it? Stab stab.

From time to time, I receive freebies. Gasp.

If I like said freebie, I will write about it. If I don't like it, I won't write about it. Not keen on wasting my time or yours.

And call me narcissistic but I only accept ones that interest me. I love you guys but I'm not going to review a box of tampons simply because the bulk of you are female and may be interested in knowing about double absorbency so you can wear those white slacks on day one of your period.

From time to time, I attend blog events. It is the closest I will get to ever walking down a red carpet and bitch, I have spent 25 years perfecting my Hollywood strut. I will shake my groove thang down that red carpet, whether you think I'm soft* or not.

If you think my opinion can be brought by freebies and events and that 'mummy bloggers are soft' and all that shiz, know I am clucking my tongue and wondering what has happened on your life to make you so goddamn cynical.


*Note: If you are referring to my ass or stomach while making the sweeping generalisation that mummy bloggers are soft, I will hunt you down.


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